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Insurance Coverage

It can be treated as an agreement between a company and a person, in which the person has to pay certain EMI’s at regular interval of time to the company and in return the company ensures that in case of any mishap, it will cover the financial expenses for the damaged good which has been covered under their insurance scheme. In today’s world where the causalities are very common, the insurance sector has grown with time, and it has expanded its reach to almost every person in the world.

21st century car insurance company in it has now become a big brand in the insurance sector, owing its success to the huge support and great reviews by its policyholders. With time the reach of 21st century car insurance has almost doubled. It is now offering its services in almost all the states of the country and is planning to go global by the end of next fiscal year. To know more about their insurance coverage and special schemes you can always visit their website, you can check if their services are being offered in your state and what is the minimum cover offered for various scenarios.

Minimum coverage options for Ohio State are given below to give you an idea of their insurance cover plans.

  • Bodily injury liability: $15000 per person/ $30000 per accident minimum
  • Property damage liability: $5000 minimum
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury: $15000 per person/ $30000 per accident minimum*
  • Uninsured motorist property damage: $3500 minimum

*Please note these kinds of coverage can be rejected

Coverage Options

There are a number of coverage options available under their insurance schemes, which have been curated very specifically to meet different needs of their customers. Few of the services offered by them are given below.

  • bodily injury liability
  • medical payments
  • uninsured motorist
  • comprehensive physical damage
  • collision and property damage liability

Apart from all the above mentioned coverage options, they have two special plans which any customer can opt for to give their cover plan an additional layer of security.

Roadside Assistance: during any unfavorable condition if the insurance holder’s car breaks down and he gets stuck, he just needs to give a call to their customer care department and he will be provided with the immediate assistance on the spot. This package includes below mentioned features.

  • gas refill
  • tire replacement
  • car unlocking
  • towing

Rental Reimbursement: under this scheme the insurance holder is liable to claim a rental car for the time his car is being repaired under claimed insurance cover, and the rent for the car will be paid by the insurance company.


Affordability of their insurance plans is one of the few reasons that 21st century car insurance reviews have been among the best in the past few years. Pricing of their insurance plans are amongst the lowest in the market when compared to the cover they offer to the customers for various scenarios.

Apart from being the most affordable insurance company 21st century gives various discounts to its customers, few of the famous ones are listed below.

  • Customer loyalty
  • Defensive driver courses
  • Good student
  • Legacy customer
  • Low annual mileage
  • Military installation
  • New vehicle
  • Vehicle storage

Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction ratings gives them the idea about the trust that the policy holders have on their policy providers.21stcentury has been rated the best car insurance provider with the most authentic and feasible cover options in various states. 21st century has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and is always looking to improve it further to make it a perfect score because only then the 21st century car insurance quote “trust of a century” will have a true meaning.

Financial Stability

They as a company take keen interest in knowing their customer better than others so that they can serve them exactly what they need. In order to do so they conduct various surveys throughout the year, in one of the surveys they were looking for various factors which drive the customer’s mindset to buy any specific cover plan from any service provider and they came to know that financial stability score is one of the biggest factors that drives the sale in this industry.

Financial stability rating is the measure of the insurance provider company’s ability to pay for the customer’s claims at any given point of time. If the company is not financially stable it means that at the time of filing claim, the customer will have to go through a lot of trouble to get the cover amount sanctioned. They are very proud to say that 21st century holds the rating of 4.8 out of 5 and is rated the most financially stable insurance provider company in various parts of the country.

I guess that after going through all the statistics and reviews about their company, you would also believe that they are the best car insurance provider company in the country.

Questions and Answers

Patricia W. Brewer reviewed on Jun 30, 2016
I have switched from one car insurance company to another until I have found 21st Century Car Insurance. This is one of the best if not the best car insurance company available. I had a problem with my side mirror so I filed a claim. I was surprised that I was able to get approved immediately. That truly made me happy.
Kathleen K. Lowry reviewed on Jul 31, 2016
I checked out 21st Century Car Insurance because of a recommendation of a friend. I was surprised to find out that it costs considerably less than my usual car insurance company. My monthly payments for the same coverage will be slashed almost in half! I have to give this company 5 stars so far.
Morgan B. Sauls reviewed on Aug 31, 2016
The price of the car insurance coverage is very fair. I have no regrets choosing this over the others. I am just very happy that this does not cost a lot of money. I have not had any issues so far but I am satisfied with the amount that I am paying every month.
Lloyd R. Sutton reviewed on Oct 31, 2016
The customer service of 21st Century is very good. I was given a lot of help about my inquiries when I broke my windshield. I was given information about what I should do. I’m glad that I listened to my friends who recommended this car insurance.
Monique C. Huertas reviewed on Nov 30, 2016
I have been a customer of 21st century for 6 years. They always go out of their way in order to help me. One thing that can be said about 21st Century is they are highly concerned about serving their customers. I have gotten into 2 accidents and I am still given great assistance.
Jonathan N. Parson reviewed on Dec 31, 2016
The professional claims process is very simple and easy to do. I have not experienced the same service with my previous car insurance company. If the company would keep this up, I will continue being a loyal customer
Nancy L. Hoyt reviewed on Feb 28, 2017
I did not plan changing my insurance policy from another company to 21st Century Car Insurance but I am satisfied with the services I have received so far. I had a flat tire and I called them up, they were able to provide their services immediately. I did not have to wait very long too.
Gloria T. Lewis asked on Mar 31, 2017
Can the company provide insurance for ATVs?
Jimmy M. Morrow asked on Apr 30, 2017
Is there towing and labor coverage available?

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