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10 Surprising Facts about Las Vegas

Do you really know Las Vegas? Of course, it is the most crowded city in the United States. People in Las Vegas are known all over the world for their love for gambling. In fact, Las Vegas is actually the world’s capital of gambling. However, it continues to surprise many that gambling is illegal outside the strip. Precisely, you are not allowed to gamble when you are 25 miles away or 40 km away from the strip. If you think that one is a strange fact, then here are some more that will even appear stranger to you.

Home to best hotels

Las Vegas is home to 15 of the top 25 hotels in the world.

Prostitution is illegal

Las Vegas is known for its sophisticated escorts, prostitutes, and fancy strip clubs. However, prostitution is prohibited in this city.

Most number of weddings in the US

More than 300 weddings take place in Las Vegas every day. This makes the city the Nation’s top wedding destination. Worldwide, Las Vegas is second after Istanbul when it comes to the number of weddings in every single day.

Suspension of hospital workers over gambling in 1980

Las Vegas residents cherish gambling more than anything else. Unfortunately, they sometimes do it at the wrong time, and at the wrong place. A case in point was in 1980 when a hospital in Las Vegas suspended many workers who were betting on the date patients are going to die. In fact, a nurse was charged with murdering patients to win bets.

It is a tourism destination

The number of people who pay a visit to Las Vegas every year doesn’t go below 41 million.

Its other name is Hawaii’s 9th island

The informal name of Las Vegas is Hawaii’s 9th island. The name is derived from the fact that the city has a large number of Hawaiians.

The Strip remains the earth’s brightest place

When observing the earth from the outer space, the lookers have confirmed that Las Vegas Strip is actually the earth’s brightest place.

$51 every hour for Luxor Pyramid’s electricity bill

The shining light of the famous Luxor Pyramid consumes electricity worth $51 in an hour. This, therefore, means that the electricity bill for shining lights of Luxor Pyramid is $1,580 per month.

The Bellagio hotel’s rooms exceed the number of people in Bellagio

The Bellagio hotel has 3,933 rooms. This number is higher than the number of people staying in Bellagio, Italy.

City has its Black Book

Las Vegas prohibits certain individuals from accessing any casinos. The names of these people are written in a “black book”. If the authorities ban you from going to casinos, they write your book in the “black book.”

Las Vegas not only impresses and dazzles, but it also surprises visitors. You know this statement true if you have ever visited the Sin City. The facts in this post definitely surprise visitors. Enjoy your stay to the fullest.