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Insurance Coverage

Erie is cheap auto insurance provider in the automotive industry which has been provided its services throughout the nation in all the states. It is best known for its outstanding services for customers and great coverage that is why Erie ranks well for customer service. Erie car insurance policy premium is as expensive as other car insurance provider. In a survey in Pennsylvania it was shown that Erie is the third-cheapest for a Toyota Camry and offered best rate for ford F-150. When you are looking for car insurance you search for the best by keeping in mind that it is for the safety for your car, your family and yourself. When you are purchase a vehicle you have to you pay a large amount money for the cost of vehicle, maintenance, repair and fuel so you should look out for the car insurance which will insure you the safety and coverage of any damage that will come to your vehicle or you during an accident. Make your decision to by comparing all companies according to their coverage, affordability, customers review, etc. And when you will compare all the companies you will see that Erie insure all your requirement and has good coverage, affordability, customer satisfaction, etc.

Erie insurance pays for the coverage cost like bodily injury, property damage liability, uninsured motorist bodily injury, uninsured motorist property damages and personal injury protection. Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage is the part of the insurance that pays for the injury of other people involved in the accident and damage on their property in an accident caused by you. Uninsured motorist bodily injury and damage to property coverage pays bodily injuries or death expenses for you and the passenger with you in the vehicle or any damage of your vehicle if you are if you are hit by uninsured driver, hit-and-run driver or insured driver who is inadequate to cover the property damage. It only covers the expense up to your policy limit and it can be rejected if it is at any fault because it only applies on certain circumstances.

Coverage Options

Erie insurance offers coverages like medical payments, collision and comprehensive physical damage. There are many additional special coverage options like rental car expense, locksmith service, windshield repair and personal item coverage.

These special coverage options are applied when you are driving a rental car and you have met with an accident car insurance company with pay for the damages during the accident to rental car agencies. Or if you have locked your keys in the car or broken the windshield. The company will bear the cost of repair and the locksmith charge. Personal items coverage provide insurance for objects like mobile, TV equipment, furniture, painting, antiques, etc. and bear all the cost for any damages and replaced if can’t be repaired.


Erie provides eight different discount offers currently on policies of car insurance which is an average compare to any other companies. Anti-locks brakes which gives 5% discount if you have anti-lock brake in your car, Multi-vehicle policy insure multiple cars on the same Erie car insurance policy to receive a discount and Multi-line policy apply when you have more than one policy. When you get internal safety features you also get some discount from the company. The safe driving record is a discount in which a person hold a driving license for 3 to 4 year with zero or one penalty and gets 30 to 40% discount. You also have low annual milage when you drive according to milage range, upfront payment when you pay all the money in one instalment and young driving training. Check all these discount offers from Erie insurance.

Customer Satisfaction

Erie car insurance company examine customer satisfaction through CSR in which policy of other companies is compared through Erie’s policies based on holding on the experience.

Through Erie car insurance review survey data Erie’s CSR is 4.1in 5 review stars which are significantly better than any other companies. This data is survey is based on a survey conduct by the Erie’s customers.

Financial Stability

The rating for financial stability is a score of Erie’s ability to pay out claims of policyholder which is based on the calculation by taking into consideration of the combined ratings by official credit rating agencies. Erie’s car insurance company financial rating is 4.2 from the 5 stars reviews. This review is at par with the other insurance agencies as well.

Erie’s car insurance insure best for the customers. It has total asset of $1.4 billion and is considered a large company with large stake in the total of $102.5 billion of the total car insurance industry and is always competitive with companies like Esurance Company, Allstate Company, etc.

Questions and Answers

Janice J. Beehler reviewed on Aug 31, 2016
A deer hit my car and I was afraid of the hassle that I was going to go through but Erie made sure that filing a claim is going to be trouble free. The price is reasonable too.
Justin C. Hoffman reviewed on Oct 31, 2016
My wife totaled her car when she hit a tree. The car was in bad shape and it can barely move. The claim was filed and in 3 days, it was closed. I like the fact that car rental was also provided the whole time that my wife was waiting for the new car.
James T. Reed reviewed on Nov 30, 2016
I had an accident that was my fault back in 2013. The damages for my vehicle and the vehicle I hit was all served by Erie Insurance. I love the fact that they have accident forgiveness so I did not see any increase in my claim.
Patricia M. Brown reviewed on Dec 31, 2016
My car was hit by some guy a few months ago. The insurance company of the guy took so long in providing the money needed to repair my vehicle. Erie made sure that my vehicle is repaired immediately and they just collected the money from the other insurance after.
Jared L. Mitchell reviewed on Feb 28, 2017
I was dropped by my previous insurance company because I never filed a claim. Erie was one of the insurance companies I considered. I like the fact that they talked to me in a very courteous manner.
Megan B. Johnson asked on Mar 31, 2017
Will Erie follow up on the situation to check if it has been resolved?
Kurt A. Hood reviewed on Apr 30, 2017
I had to go through a very bad storm to get home and it caused some damages to my vehicle. I had some dents on the side too. Erie quickly tried to resolve the issue and I am satisfied with how they handled my situation.

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