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There are different insurance companies that you can find but there are some that are better known than others. The General Insurance Company has been serving people for half a century and a lot of people trust the company with all the policies and features that it can provide. There are different car insurance schemes available. Some are more affordable than others. Be more familiar with the schemes available. This will help you pick the one that works best for you.

The insurance policies are available in 46 states in the United States of America. People have the option to provide a down payment so that the monthly costs will also be lessened considerably. This is also the car insurance that can also provide insurance to those who have already have a record of doing traffic violations.

Car Insurance in this Company

You need to be familiar with the type of car insurance that this company covers. Some of the things you can expect are the following:

  • Medical Insurance - This insurance coverage will help pay for the medical bills of the person who has gotten hurt because of being hit by your vehicle.
  • Collision Coverage - This insurance coverage tackles the amount needed in order to repair the damage to your car caused by the collision.
  • Emergency Service - This can provide the required services that you need when your car breaks down. The insurance company offers the emergency services whenever you are in need.
  • Property Damage - This coverage helps you cope when your car causes damages to another person’s property.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage - This is helpful in covering the damage experienced by a hit motorist.
  • Bodily Injury - This is the coverage needed to cover the injuries that another person has experienced because of your vehicle.

Take note that there is an option for high-risk drivers to get car insurance coverage 

Minimum Coverage Options

One of the things that motorists are required to have is the S-22. This will serve as a proof that a vehicle has minimum liability coverage. Remember that this is required by different states. It helps to be familiar with all so you will know what to get. The insurance coverage this insurance company can be helpful for your needs.

Questions and Answers

William K. Bracy reviewed on Jun 30, 2016
The agent I have spoken with is very easy to talk to. She was able to explain my whole policy to me. The things I did not understand before became very clear to me. The best thing is that they are available no matter what time you call.
Pauline R. Davenport reviewed on Jul 31, 2016
There are times when I get confused about where I am going to pay because there aren’t any stores wherein I can pay. It is a good thing that this auto insurance company has payment options online. Sending payments is now very easy to do.
Shela S. Faulk reviewed on Aug 31, 2016
I have to admit that the price of the policies are a bit high for my taste. I tried calling before to ask about my premium and I was given prompt and attentive attention. I have to admit that I am happy with their services even though their prices are higher than others.
John D. Fowler asked on Oct 31, 2016
A neighbor hit my dog and I want to know if it would be covered by the neighbor’s auto car insurance?
Scott B. Galvan asked on Nov 30, 2016
What am I supposed to do the moment I get into an auto accident?
Mary W. Taylor reviewed on Dec 31, 2016
I do not have a lot of money but I know that I need the right auto insurance available. This is one of the insurance companies that caught my attention. I am satisfied with the services that they have provided so far.
John V. Trice reviewed on Feb 28, 2017
The agents have always helped me whenever I needed them. There was a time when I wrecked it a bit when I did not see where I was going one night but after I filed my claim, the car was placed at the car repair shop and it was promptly repaired.
Ronald M. Murray reviewed on Mar 31, 2017
One of the things I love about this insurance company is it does not require a lot of fuss for you to sign up for their insurance. This comes with the coverage that I have always searched for and I am very happy about it.
David T. Levi reviewed on Apr 30, 2017
I was just searching for the right car insurance to use when I came across The General. The fact that I can sign up online immediately made it one of the best car insurance policies that I have seen. I will not be switching anytime soon.
Sandra S. Oh reviewed on May 31, 2017
I had no trouble getting insurance from the company from the internet. I am quite pleased that I was given approval immediately. Now, two of my cars are insured so I can be more confident about driving.
Jeff J. Thomas reviewed on Jul 31, 2017
I used to feel that the insurance coverage offered by The General was too simple for my needs but I signed up for it anyway a few years ago. The passenger side of my truck got hit by a motorcycle and the dent is massive but the moment I called the insurance company, they told me that they would cover the repairs.
Sharon W. Vermillion asked on Aug 31, 2017
Will the policies be different from one state to another?

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