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It was in the year 1937 when Progressive Insurance became available to serve people. Their main aim is to provide exceptional insurance to people who are in need. This is known to provide aggressive policies for those who are 40 years old and above. This is also available for low-risk drivers. The premium rate of this insurance company is lower than other available companies.

There are different things that the insurance company is known for. This company is known to provide insurance for drivers who are part of the accident. They will also provide rewards to drivers who are good at driving. Low-risk drivers are given lower premium rates compared to other drivers.

Car Insurance in This Company

There are different insurance policies that this company offers. These are the ones available:

  • Body injuries or property damage caused by your car to other people and properties.
  • Collision and Comprehensive Damage - This is meant to cover the damage done to your vehicle because of an accident.
  • Injuries and Medical Costs - This is meant to cover the cost of the injuries and damages acquired by the person involved in the accident.
  • Rental Care Fees - This will allow you to use a rental car while your car is still being repaired.
  • Service Center Fees - This will cover certain amounts of the services needed to repair your vehicle well.
  • Damages - This also covers the cost for uninsured and underinsured vehicle owners and motorists.

Minimum Coverage Options

There are a lot of drivers who are aged 40 and above that can get minimum coverage from this insurance company. There are a lot of drivers who are having a hard time searching for the right insurance coverage because of their age but this company will give what is needed. There are different packages available but if you want the best deal, you can get the full insurance that covers bodily and auto insurance. The package may be enough for your needs.

Questions and Answers

Rafael J. Ragsdale reviewed on Jun 30, 2016
I hit a deer while driving home from work last week. My car was a wreck but I drove it back safely. Progressive got me a rental while they repair my car.
Marjorie W. Norris reviewed on Jul 31, 2016
Progressive arrived fast when my mom asked help from them with her car’s overheated engine. It was her first time to call for their services and she is liking the company more.
Rosa J. Clark reviewed on Aug 31, 2016
My sister called for a roadside assistance when her tire blew up. She was assured that help will arrive in an hour but to her dismay, she waited for 4 hours. Please be punctual.
Ruth T. Jones asked on Oct 31, 2016
While driving my boat in a middle of a storm, it struck a rock after a big wave hit us and did some serious damage. Will my Progressive insurance cover the reparations?
Adeline A. Houston reviewed on Nov 30, 2016
I’m a newbie boat owner (and driver) and decided to have my boat insured by Progressive. No problems so far and I get to drive my boat freely on different lakes and oceans.
Terry C. Delarosa reviewed on Dec 31, 2016
A friend of mine got his windshield glass vandalized making the car not safe to be driven. Progressive got the car, had his windshield replaced without spending a penny and risking lives.
Kevin I. Wagner reviewed on Feb 28, 2017
My brother and I got hit in the rear when we were in a stoplight. He called asking for a claim but he was told that Progressive won’t cover it. This is annoying.
David C. Lucas asked on Mar 31, 2017
What if a hailstorm does a pretty serious damage on one’s roofs (holes, collapsed roofs), will they get 100% financial help from Progressive if they are insured from it?
Joshua L. Hines reviewed on Apr 30, 2017
My uncle bought a new motorbike but unfortunately had an accident with it. The bike was totaled but because it is insured with Progressive, it was replaced with a brand new one.
Edna R. Rustin reviewed on May 31, 2017
I’m glad I insured my fur babies in Progressive. One of my dogs was hit by a car and broke some bones. I paid minimal in medical bills as they covered the expenses.
Gary F. Schechter reviewed on Jul 31, 2017
I got into a car accident last month and there were dents and some paints were chipped off. They got my car, brought it in a service center, and delivered it back home fixed.
James D. Bancroft asked on Aug 31, 2017
If for example a person who is insured by Progressive took an out-of-the-country trip and unfortunately had an accident while they are still there, can they still claim there insurance?

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